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The Validators

Validators are the hearts of the SWIAT blockchain by running “Validating Nodes”. They collectively ensure the integrity of the blockchain by:

  • Participating in the consensus mechanism
  • Creating a credible neutral network
  • Distributing validation power across legal entities

Our Validators

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Boost SWIAT's Integrity & Earn by adding blocks!

  • Dive deep into the heart of SWIAT’s network, ensuring its unbreakable integrity.
  • Get rewarded in FIAT, no crypto-currencies involved!

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Validator Benefits!


  • Exclusivity at its best: Only the chosen few get the node.
  • Operating a validator node is a testament to your organization's DLT prowess.
  • Stand out and showcase your capability in the decentralized ledger realm.

Proof of Competence

  • Distinguish yourself in a sea of competitors.
  • Showcase unmatched expertise by running a validator node.
  • Elevate trust and recognition among regulated financial entities.

Strong Global Alliance

  • Immerse yourself in a robust worldwide network.
  • Validate transactions for top-tier banks and institutions.
  • Cultivate deep connections with global FinTechs and Financial Institutions.

Uptime = Passive Income

  • Safeguard the integrity of SWIAT's network.
  • Steady FIAT compensation awaits with your Validating Node's reliability.
  • Convert node uptime and availability into a rewarding income stream.

Want to become a Validator?

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