The World of Digital Assets at the Heart of Banking

A blockchain-based financial market infrastructure for digital and traditional assets from and for regulated financial entities.

Are you ready for Digital Assets?

The future belongs to digital assets on the blockchain. SWIAT provides financial market participants such as banks and asset managers with easy access and secure infrastructure to execute their transactions faster.

Get in touch to know how SWIAT could make your business Blockchain-ready for digital assets.

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Faster, cheaper, more transparent and more secure

For assets on the SWIAT transaction platform:

  • Issue, trade and settle all digital asset types on the same platform
  • Reduce costs up to 80%
  • Settle securities globally in real-time
  • Manage intraday liquidity, and more!


    Innovate, develop, and market

    Your own decentralized Apps on the SWIAT innovation platform:

    • Develop your own use cases and dApps
    • Focus on the use case, reuse the foundation
    • Build on top of existing dApps and protocols
    • Unlock new business models and innovation potential
    • Ensure scalability and interoperability for your digital assets

    Our Shareholders:

    Our esteemed shareholders who have joined our journey and are committed towards our goals and our shared vision in unlocking new opportunities in the landscape of digital assets.

    Be part of a trusted network

    SWIAT has been designed by financial entities for the financial industry. Our network embraces co-opetition to jointly overcome infrastructural fragmentation in the DLT-environment and yet staying in competition.

    Join SWIAT, become a part of our trusted network, and start operating in the revolutionizing financial markets of the Blockchain Era.

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