Innovate and transact on one platform!

SWIAT offers you a platform that starts with traditional assets and combines them with the digital assets of the future! The SWIAT platform consists of two platforms in one:

  • A transaction platform
  • An innovation platform

SWIAT core features

No need to reinvent the wheel. Build on top of the SWIAT foundation

  • Tenant infrastructure for your institution
  • User and privilege management
  • Built-in customizable workflows
  • Core decentralized applications (dApps) for securities and more!
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The Transaction Platform

Interact with other regulated financial entities by issuing, trading, and settling digital assets securely on SWIAT. You can use novel Crypto-Securities as well as traditional securities in the same environment! Choose which kind of transactions you want to conduct on-chain.

The Innovation Platform

Our innovation platform gives you the choice! You can’t find the dApps or features you need?

  • Get a head start and build your own solution by leveraging existing and customizable features.
  • Disrupt the market and offer your own solution in our dApp Market!
  • We embrace third-party providers to create a truly decentralized and open financial infrastructure.