Finding the right solution for you

SWIAT provides you with the technological tools and support for building your business case as well as getting you on the platform. Choose the best solution for you!


New trading opportunities, faster processes, fewer intermediaries – there are many good reasons for tokenization. With the SWIAT technology you are ready for your next tokenization!


Digital Registered Bonds 

Paper, physical seals, slow couriers. That’s what the registered bond issuance process used to look like. On the SWIAT platform, you can settle registered bonds paperless and in real time.



The German eWpG paved the way for Crypto-Securities. Issue bearer bonds exclusively electronically! SWIAT is the platform to issue, register, and trade Crypto-Securities.


Accelerating your Business

SWIAT provides a holistic platform that supports the whole value chain of digital assets. You can choose from the predeveloped solutions and dApps on the platform.

  • Issuance in accordance with the German electronic securities act (eWpG)
  • Issuance of digitally registered bonds
  • Self-Custody
  • Secondary market features like securities lending and collateral management
  • Settlement of securities
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Our work in detail

We are building a global network of financial entities using distributed ledger technology. Our SWIAT DLT network offers a wide range of cost-saving opportunities like more efficient liquidity management and reduced settlement costs. SWIAT is compliant with regulations and ensures real-time, easy, and transparent settlement between network participants.

SWIAT is primed to be the financial market infrastructure of the future with asset types like digital assets, derivatives, tokens, other financial instruments, and traditional securities as well.

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Technical Details

SWIAT offers you a technical foundation that enables you to fully focus on your business and use case

  • Ready-to-use frontends
  • Integration / API-layer for interoperability with legacy systems
  • Fully compliant processes for issuing crypto securities according to the eWpG and eWpRV
  • A unique identity management stack for financial entities
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