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That’s the next generation of financial infrastructure. Our state-of-the-art technology provides participants with almost infinite business opportunities like intraday liquidity management, access to Crypto-Securities, new trade types like Delivery-vs-Delivery (DvD), and trading opportunities between traditional and digital securities, and more to come.

SWIAT for financial institutions

SWIAT enables your institution for regulatory-compliant, secure, frictionless real-time issuance, trading, and settlement for various types of assets on a global scale with regulated financial entities across different jurisdictions on a DLT-based platform. SWIAT enables digital assets – at the heart of banking.


SWIAT for FinTechs

We are building a regulatory compliant DLT-ecosystem for financial institutions. As a FinTech, you can leverage the existing infrastructure to build your own solution and shorten your development cycle! Shape with us the financial infrastructure of tomorrow and directly market your services to SWIAT members.

Jonathan Leßmann