The German Electronic securities act (eWpG) created the Crypto-Security – Bearer bonds:

  • Identical legal quality like traditional bearer bonds
  • 100% Digital
  • Issued on a Blockchain


The German Electronic securities act (eWpG) created the Crypto-Security – Bearer bonds:

Why Crypto-Securities

The newly created security type of Crypto-Securities in the eWpG provide the same legal qualifications as traditional securities for bearer bonds and have a shorter issuance process duration, offer instant global accessibility, provide 24/7 traceability, and can be issued 100% digital on a blockchain which helps reshape the post-trading infrastructure by introducing the role of the registrar.

Allocate your assets in real-time to any place via the SWIAT network!

About Crypto-Securities

The eWpG, adopted in 2021, introduced both, the new asset class of Crypto-Securities and competition in the settlement and post-trading market. To ensure trust and reliability regardless of the technology choice any Crypto-Security issuance must be registered by a licensed registrar. Regulated financial entities and FinTechs can assume this role yet have to get approved by the BaFin.

SWIAT offers you the technology to become a Crypto-Security registrar yourself!


Our work in detail

SWIAT’s Crypto-Security offering has been designed with regulatory and legal requirements in mind. We offer the dApp of registry keeping for Crypto-Securities to customers that are licensed registrars or are seeking to become a registrar and gain control over the value chain in the post-trading market.

At DekaBank our experienced team facilitated the first Crypto-Security issuances in December 2021 of a bank.


Technical Details

SWIAT has everything you need to set up your Crypto-Security business:

  • Issuance dApp
  • Registrar dApp
  • Ready-to-use frontends and user interface (UI)
  • Integration / API-layer for interoperability with legacy systems
  • The Blockchain Network
  • Identity and workflow management for financial entities

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