The Technology

SWIAT’s vision of creating a decentralized and interoperable financial infrastructure is backed by our technology. The SWIAT blockchain:

  • regulatory compliant Layer 1 solution for the finance industry 
  • Strong support for privacy and confidentiality
  • Scalable governance framework fostering collaborative competition (co-opetition)
  • A technical framework enabling faster deployment of your use cases 
  • Integrated identity management
  • Powered by Enterprise Ethereum (Hyperledger Besu)

Blockchain tailor-made for the financial industry

The SWIAT blockchain is specifically designed for the financial industry as a Layer 1 solution. The SWIAT blockchain provides a strong focus on privacy and confidentiality while ensuring transaction velocity, reliability, and transparency. Our identity management ensures that workflows are compliant with financial regulations.

Open for third parties!

Our governance model enables collaborative competition. Third-party innovations and solutions can be easily integrated into SWIAT’s regulatory-compliant network.

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