Your holistic financial ecosystem!

Your gateway to a convergent platform, bridging traditional and future digital assets for limitless opportunities! 

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Explore the Opportunities with SWIAT's Modularity!

  • Engage with top regulated financial players
  • Issue, trade, and settle digital assets on same platform
  • Seamlessly integrate electronic and traditional securities
  • Tailor your on-chain transaction preferences
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  • Dive into blockchain capabilities effortlessly
  • Integrate with our robust dApps API
  • Developer-centric design for smooth access
  • Secure and efficient dAPP functionality
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Software that is already using the API:

  • SWIAT Securities Finance
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  • Clear governance tailored for financial institutions
  • Defined roles & responsibilities for seamless operations
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  • Robust legal framework ensuring bank compliance
  • Safety and trust at the core of our design

Become a Validator, which is a legal entity operating a Validating Node

  • Engage directly in our Consensus Algorithm
  • Further decentralise the network and help achieve credible neutrality
  • Earn in FIAT for supporting the network
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Become a Tenant Node Operator, which is a legal entity which hosts a Tenant Node

  • Connect to the SWIAT Blockchain Network
  • Host digital representation of organizations (Tenants)
  • Host dAPPs or have a standalone setup
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Striving for regulatory-compliance

SWIAT is the blockchain solution for tailored for financial institutions

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Permissioned and private blockchain

  • Improved privacy where only the network participants can read data on the SWIAT network
  • Additional differentiation of confidential and non-confidential data to ensure the necessary confidentiality required by financial institutions

All responsibilities and relationships are known

  • Level playing field with terms and conditions for all network participants that are regulated and have to agree to the SWIAT Network Terms
  • Enhanced trust among participants as participants are well-known via onboarding with comprehensive KYC/AML checks 

Framework tailored for financial institutions

  • Regulatory-compliance makes SWIAT compliant for MaRisk and outsourcing
  • SWIAT has a risk management focus in accordance with recent (BIS) Basel Standards for cryptoassets set for implementation in 2025

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Environmental, Social and Governance

  • Low energy requirement, as the energy requirement for the network is lower than that of credit card systems (IMF Study)
  • The company's diverse workforce, composed of men and women from around the world, highlights its commitment to inclusivity and harnessing a wide range of talents and perspectives

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No cryptocurrencies required

  • The SWIAT blockchain allows financial institutions to use the blockchain technology without having to use crypto-currencies
  • Hence having stable transaction costs as SWIAT offer more predictable and stable transaction fees

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Easy Integration

  • Built for businesses of all sizes
  • No need for in-depth blockchain knowledge
  • Seamless integration with existing systems
  • Guaranteed availability of the blockchain